Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One More Week? SERIOUSLY??

Remember when I said that I PROMISED I wouldn't wait so long to write again? Hmm....well....whoopsie! I guess my promises aren't worth as much as some of you may have hoped :) So I am kind of in shock that this is my last full week here in london town. Seriously? Where has the four months gone? In some ways, looking back at all that we've seen and done, it does feel like I've been here for more than just a few months; this place has become like a home to me. But it also feels like only a few short weeks ago that I was frantically shopping around new york with my mom, trying to gather all that I would need for what seemed like an endless trip abroad. I remember the first day I arrived in london, completely alone in such a foreign place. I stood in line for a taxi outside of the airport, clutching my purse while awkwardly struggling to roll my two suitcases without tipping them over (don't worry, my mom made me practice with the connector strap for this such scenario). As my taxi pulled up, I remember opening my passport and reading the typed out card my mom had made and put inside (she had printed and stuffed about 30 of them in various pockets/crevices of every bag I had; I'm sure if I'd consented she would've wanted to stuff one in my bra as well...). Even though I had already memorized the address I was to be dropped off at, I read it about 8 more times (mostly because it doesn't even sound like a real address) before telling the taxi driver, 27 PALACE COURT. Yes, this is in all caps because I think I yelled and anunciated it like an idiot, just to be sure he didn't take me to the wrong place or some english ghetto. Although how could 'palace court' possibly be the name of a ghetto? It couldn't. Driving through london towards my new home was surreal. So intimidating and unfamiliar. I remember wondering how long it would take me to shake out of the disequilibrium I felt. Yeah, it didn't take long :) And now it just feels like home. And I've loved it. It's hard to believe in a week I'll be back where I started. Well, not exactly where I started; I'd like to think my time here has added a few little somethings under my belt :)

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